Astro Acronyms

Astronomers love their acronyms! It’s almost impossible to talk about the world of astronomy without mentioning an acronym or two (or three). Here’s a few we mention often on The Cosmic Savannah.

AGN: Active galactic nucleus

AMT: African Millimetre Telescope

ATLAS: Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System

EHT: Event Horizon Telescope

GMRT: Giant Metre-wave Radio Telescope

HESS: High Energy Spectroscopic System

MIGHTEE: MeerKAT International GHz Tiered Extragalactic Exploration survey

SAAO: South African Astronomical Observatory

SALT: Southern African Large Telescope

SARAO: South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

SETI: Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

SKA: Square Kilometre Array

UCT: University of Cape Town

UWC: University of the Western Cape

VLA: Very Large Array

VLBI: Very long baseline interferometry