What is The Cosmic Savannah?

The Cosmic Savannah is a new podcast about the exciting things happening in astronomy research and technology in Africa.

It is for a general audience and anyone can listen. We’d love you to join us for a safari through the skies! You can subscribe to The Cosmic Savannah wherever you get your podcasts, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Pocketcasts etc.

The podcast is created and hosted by Dr Jacinta Delhaize from the University of Cape Town and Dr Daniel Cunnama from the South African Astronomical Observatory.

Each episode, Dan and Jacinta chat to different people involved in the world of astronomy across the African continent. Africa’s beautiful dark skies and vast plains make it an ideal place to conduct cutting-edge astronomy research. Hear about the fascinating people and discoveries coming out of Africa and how they are relevant on the world stage.

The first episodes launched on 29th March 2019 and new episodes will be released on a fortnightly basis.

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 You can find Daniel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can find Jacinta on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her website.

The Cosmic Savannah is an independent project by Jacinta Delhaize and Daniel Cunnama. We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Research Foundation, the South African Astronomical Observatory and the Astronomy Department at the University of Cape Town.

We also thank Mark Allnut for music production, Janus Brink for astrophotography, Lana Ceraj for graphic design, Michal Lyczek for photography, and Sebastian Tulinski Obrocki for recording advice.