Episode 70: Season 5 in Review

The band is back together! In this episode Jacinta, Tshia and Dan sit together in the cupboard once again to catch up and to reflect on Season 5.

Dan discusses his travels to Ethiopia while Tshia regales us with tales of her VIP treatment on her visit to China. Jacinta impresses with her carbon conscious travels to the Garden Route.

During the episode the hosts discuss their favorite episodes from the season as well as some exciting news on what we can expect from the upcoming season 6.

From The Cosmic Savannah team we would just like to thank all of our amazing guests that have appeared on Season 5 for their time and for telling us about the amazing work they all do. The Cosmic Savannah Team also want’s to give a huge thanks to all of the volunteers that make this podcast possible!

Join us for this relaxed and entertaining episode of The Cosmic Savannah.

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Podcast Manager and Show Notes: Francois Campher

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Transcripts: Abigail Thambiran

Audio Editing: Jacob Fine

SKAO for funding and support

And all of our volunteers!